Ordering Your Wedding Cake: All You Need to Know

Weddings can be overwhelming, but we're here to make the process of ordering your wedding cake easy. Have a read of our comprehensive guide and take the stress out of your big day.

You've said 'yes!' Now comes the fun part - planning!

Deciding on a reception venue

Your venue can dictate the style, feel and theme of your wedding, so it's important to tick this off your list as soon as possible. Something to consider when booking your venue: does the venue have air conditioning? 

You wouldn't believe the number of venues we deliver to that don't have air conditioning (wineries, I'm looking at you!) If you're getting married in summer/early autumn I highly recommend choosing a venue with air conditioning, not only for the comfort of your guests but for the safety of your wedding cake. Another thing to consider is the finish on your cake. For example, buttercream does not hold up well in hot weather. If the venue is not air conditioned, and the venue won't allow the cake to be left in the cool room, you'll likely have a melted cake if we use buttercream. A ganache or fondant finish may be a better solution if the mercury is rising.

What style or theme will your wedding have?

This will influence the look of your cake greatly. Rustic barn settings pair beautifully with a semi-naked buttercream finish, but sleek, modern buildings may be better suited to an abstract, monochrome design.

How many guests are you expecting?

This is the first question I ask when clients ask me for a quote on their wedding cake. It's so that I can calculate the correct sized tiers to ensure everyone gets a slice of your delicious dessert. 

Is the cake being served as dessert or with coffee?

Some venues offer the option of using the wedding cake as the guests' dessert. Dessert serves are 2" x 1", so they're double the width of the traditional coffee serve. We'll need to know this so that we can quote you on an appropriate cake size.

Where is your reception venue?

I'll ask for this information so that I can calculate the cost of delivery and set up, and include this in your quote. Just the general area is fine if you're not comfortable sharing the specific venue information.

Do you have a florist booked?

If you are incorporating florals in to your wedding cake, I always recommend that you ask your florist to supply the cake flowers to ensure that everything matches. There's nothing worse than turning up with the agreed-upon florals only to find that they're a different shade of pink to the rest of the flowers.

Do you have a budget in mind?

We don't ask to be nosy, we simply ask to ensure we're making suggestions that fit within the budget you're comfortable spending. There's no point in me suggesting cake designs in the $800-1000 range if you'd prefer to keep the cost at $500. There's absolutely no judgement, just let us know if you have a cost in mind and we'll do our best to accommodate it.

Why do wedding cakes cost more?

We don't charge a surcharge just for saying the word 'wedding'. There are many reasons that wedding cakes appear to cost more than a celebration cake, and I'll outline a few here.

Delivery and set up 

Weddings are generally larger tiered cakes which require being set up at the venue. Celebration cakes being delivered to a home or venue in one piece aren't charged in the same way because we are just delivering the cake, nothing more. Stacking multiple tiers, wiring/taping fresh flowers and setting up the cake table can take an hour or more, so there's extra labour involved. Many venues don't allow us to set up until late in the afternoon so we can't incorporate wedding cakes in to our morning deliveries, so there are extra fuel charges for us as well. 


Many wedding cakes are more intricate than a celebration cake. We work for an hourly rate, so the more detailed the design, the more it will cost.


Weddings can be big. A lot bigger than a birthday party. Average guest numbers in our area tend to be around 80-100 at weddings, so naturally there are extra costs involved for ingredients, baking time etc. 

When should I book my wedding cake in?

We take bookings 12 months ahead for all of our cakes. It's best to get in as soon as possible to ensure we aren't booked out for your date - we'd hate for you to miss out! You don't necessarily need to have a final design in mind or exact guest numbers - we can secure your booking with a deposit and finalise the details closer to your wedding date.

Cake tastings

Rather than a traditional sit down cake tasting, we offer cake tasting boxes a couple of times a year. This ensures that you and your loved ones can sit down together in your own time and try a selection of curated cake flavours. Keep an eye on our socials and website for information on our next tasting boxes.

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